What lighting to put in the bathroom

Even if you are not particular about lighting in other parts of the house, the bathroom is a place in which you should definitely pay attention to the kind of lights you put in there. The bathroom has two main purposes and lighting should fit them both.

It is the place where we relax, whether it means soaking in the bathtub or taking a warm shower after a long day. We don’t want to be staring at harsh fluorescent lights while we get ready for bed. This is the time to quieten down and forget about the day’s worries so that we can go to sleep comfortably and relaxed.

But the bathroom is also the place where we get ready for the day in the morning. We need to be able to see every detail in the mirror and we won’t be able to do it without adequate lighting. Women especially know the pain of doing makeup in a badly-lit room. You leave for work thinking that your face looks perfectly only to find out that in natural lighting the color of your foundation looks off and the lipstick is slightly outside the lines at some spots. The same goes for shaving for men. That’s why good and strong lighting is crucial in the bathroom.

If your bathroom has little or no natural lighting then you need to add the third purpose to the list: imitating daylight lighting. This is the general-purpose lighting used throughout the day when in the bathroom. For example, it’s needed when you’re cleaning the bathroom. Doing so in a room with soft lighting will not allow you to see every little dirty spot that needs to be cleaned.

So how do you balance these completely different purposes?

It is best to have separate lights for each of them if your bathroom size allows it. At the minimum, two are recommended: ambient lighting and task lighting.

Ambient lighting is what illuminates your bathroom as a whole. It is supposed to imitate daylight. This role is most often fulfilled by a ceiling light. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you might need more than one to properly light the room. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to overhead bathroom lights and you can find a lamp that will suit any style.

Now for the soft and relaxing lighting, you have two choices: installing a dimmer to make the overhead lighting gentler on the eyes or buying a separate bathroom night light. Whichever you choose, this type of light is a lifesaver when you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and don’t want to suddenly become wide-awake.

Task lighting is what you install in the area with the bathroom sink and the mirror. This is a more localized type of lighting that is supposed to light only this specific spot. There are two common ways of installing task lighting: one horizontal bar above the mirror or two bars/sconces on the sides.

After considering all of the above, remember also that lights can serve as tasteful decoration, especially in a room that is usually scarce in ornaments.

5 most desirable features on a cheap digital piano

Music is an admirable art and profession alike. Enthusiasts of this field will tell you how hard it is to break into the local scene, and how much harder it is to actually make money out of it. However, before all that can even happen, musicians need to have an instrument. Pianos are some of the most popular instruments in the world, and for a good reason. A good piano arrangement can make any song infinitely better, and that is what most piano players strive to do. Not all of them can play a grand piano every night for a living, though, so they need to have an affordable instrument that they can use regularly instead. For those who need a cheap keyboard piano either to learn how to play or to play for a living, here we list some of the main features you should consider in the best digital piano your money can buy.

Weighted keys

Digital pianos are basically electronic replicas of acoustic pianos, but the feel of the instrument is something that cannot be digitally replicated. Piano makers know this, which is why it is almost a standard nowadays to include some sort of weighted keyboard. For those on a budget, you might be able to find a bargain on a fully-weighted keyboard, but if not, a semi-weighted keyboard will probably be the standard on most pianos in your price tier.

Full keyboard

This is another thing that could be considered standard but it’s not, and you will see more and more often if your budget is limited. Digital pianos aim to mimic acoustic pianos, and that includes the keyboard itself. An acoustic piano has 88 keys, and while you may think this is the rule for digital pianos as well, it is not. You can find pianos with the complete set of keys, but if your budget is not too big, you may be condemned to sacrifice a couple of octaves in your piano.

Portable design

Acoustic pianos are big and heavy. They are difficult to move from one place to another, and often they are placed in a room of the house where they occupy a special spot. Digital pianos are the complete opposite, and if you want a cheap keyboard piano, you should aim for one that is lightweight and easy to carry around with you.


A digital instrument would not be a digital instrument without enhanced capabilities to connect to other pieces of equipment. Your digital piano should be no different, so make sure you get essential ports to connect your instrument to amplifiers and pedals, as well as a MIDI port to hook it up and use it as a controller on a digital interface or software. Some cheap models won’t have all these ports, so be smart and prioritize what you want and need.


Lastly, the fact that your piano is not an expensive piano doesn’t mean that there cannot be added worth in its value. Some digital keyboards and pianos, regardless of how cheap they are, come with cool extras and additional features like free covers, free online lessons, dedicated software, a stand, and more. If you want to get bargain deals on keyboard pianos, make sure to check the reviews available here.


Singapore is a city-state that is steeped in mystery. Although Singapore was mentioned several times in ancient Chinese writings as early as the third century, little was known about it until the eleventh century. This was when the East Indian Trading Company first visited this island nation. By 1824, Britain had successfully purchased Singapore and by 1826 it was a thriving port. In 1869, the Suez Canal was opened. This historic event, combined with the newly invented steamship technology, propelled Singapore into an era of prosperity that was previously unknown to the city. The affluence continued to grow as trade between the countries of the West and Asia began to flourish. Then in the early part of the twentieth century, the ever increasing demand for rubber from Southeast Asia, need by the automobile industry for tire production, made Singapore one of the most important ports in the world.

The prosperity of Singapore continued to rise throughout the 1920’s as the British built a naval and airforce base, taking advantage of its unique geographical location. The military installations would eventually come under the control of Japan, as did the entire city, when it was invaded in 1942. After many years of struggle, Britain eventually returned and regained control of the city-state by 1946. After many years of being a possession of the British Crown, Singapore became an independent self governing body in 1959.

Singapore has many attractions to keep the world traveler very busy. There are museums, zoos, themed parks and historic monuments. In fact, there is such a diversity in the activities that can be found here, the average could make several trips here and not visit the same places twice. One of the most important landmarks of Singapore, and one that is very popular among tourist is the Raffles Hotel. This beautiful and elegant colonial style hotel was originally erected in 1887. This hotel features over a hundred suites and eighteen restaurants. It also features an arcade and over forty high end boutiques. This luxurious hotel has seen many famous celebrities over it’s long history including Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth II.

Another tourist hot spot is Chijmes. This is a large complex of building that offers visitors the best in fine dining, trendy boutiques and other shopping venues. It’s built in the gothic style and was formerly a covenant school. During the day, many visitors walk the complex looking for deals and at night, the complex becomes a upbeat nightlife venue.

When in Singapore, don’t forget to check out the Esplanada. This is a performing arts venue that is known for not only being spacious but also being an architectural work of art. It features a large theatre which seats two thousand guest, a concert hall with seating capacity for sixteen hundred and two much smaller studios. It also has two outdoor theatres, as well as a mall. The Esplanada is located along the promenade and features aluminum roofing which is supposed to resemble microphones.

If art is what your looking for, than one only has to visit Singapore’s Art House At The Old Parliament House. Inside visitors can find many art exhibits, concerts and films. Originally designed in 1827 as the Parliament House, it was refitted into an art museum and cultural center in 1999. One of it’s most prominent features is the huge bronze elephant guarding it’s entrance. It was a gift of King Rama V, the king of Thailand (Or more Siam as it was known then) to express his appreciation for Singapore after his visit in 1871.

While in Singapore don’t forget to check out the Merlion at Merlion Park. The Merlion is a mythical creature that is a cross between a lion and a fish. It is also a statue that attracts over a million visitors a year. It’s location in the park offers visitors a fantastic view of Singapore. One can see view the beautiful skyline and take in the breathtaking waterfront of Marina Bay.

Lau Pa Sat, otherwise known as Telok Ayer Market, is another popular Singapore attraction. Located in Singapore’s business district, this market was built in 1894. It’s almost always crammed full of vendors selling food, drinks and alcoholic beverages.

If you love animals than don’t forget to check out the Singapore Night Safari. It features various events and offers visitors the chance to see first hand tropical animals such as the Sambar, gir lions, striped hyenas and Asian elephants. This collection features over a thousand animals from over one hundred and twenty species. In the same vein is the Singapore Zoo. This is a natural habitat zoo where the animals are allowed to roam free in condition that are replicas of the environments they came from. This zoo has almost three thousand animals from over three hundred different species. Some of the animals that can be seen at the Singapore Zoo include rhinos, hippos, lemur, elephants, kangaroo and even polar bears. For those interested in only reptiles then the Jurong Reptile Park may be right down your alley. This park features over 50 reptiles from all over the world. Some examples include snakes, komodo dragons, turtles and crocodiles. It’s considered to be one of the largest reptile parks in all of Asia.

Before departing Singapore don’t forget to check out the Thian Hock Keng Temple. The name of this temple translates as “The Temple Of Heavenly Happiness”. This temple was built in 1820 in dedication of the Ma Zu Po. This temple has beautiful architecture featuring gold leaf panels and incredibly painted entrance ways. And don’t forget to check out the Temple Of 1000 Lights. This temple is actually named the Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, but is called Temple Of 1000 Lights because of the hundreds of lights surrounding the forty-five foot tall Buddha that resides in the temples center.