5 most desirable features on a cheap digital piano

Music is an admirable art and profession alike. Enthusiasts of this field will tell you how hard it is to break into the local scene, and how much harder it is to actually make money out of it. However, before all that can even happen, musicians need to have an instrument. Pianos are some of the most popular instruments in the world, and for a good reason. A good piano arrangement can make any song infinitely better, and that is what most piano players strive to do. Not all of them can play a grand piano every night for a living, though, so they need to have an affordable instrument that they can use regularly instead. For those who need a cheap keyboard piano either to learn how to play or to play for a living, here we list some of the main features you should consider in the best digital piano your money can buy.

Weighted keys

Digital pianos are basically electronic replicas of acoustic pianos, but the feel of the instrument is something that cannot be digitally replicated. Piano makers know this, which is why it is almost a standard nowadays to include some sort of weighted keyboard. For those on a budget, you might be able to find a bargain on a fully-weighted keyboard, but if not, a semi-weighted keyboard will probably be the standard on most pianos in your price tier.

Full keyboard

This is another thing that could be considered standard but it’s not, and you will see more and more often if your budget is limited. Digital pianos aim to mimic acoustic pianos, and that includes the keyboard itself. An acoustic piano has 88 keys, and while you may think this is the rule for digital pianos as well, it is not. You can find pianos with the complete set of keys, but if your budget is not too big, you may be condemned to sacrifice a couple of octaves in your piano.

Portable design

Acoustic pianos are big and heavy. They are difficult to move from one place to another, and often they are placed in a room of the house where they occupy a special spot. Digital pianos are the complete opposite, and if you want a cheap keyboard piano, you should aim for one that is lightweight and easy to carry around with you.


A digital instrument would not be a digital instrument without enhanced capabilities to connect to other pieces of equipment. Your digital piano should be no different, so make sure you get essential ports to connect your instrument to amplifiers and pedals, as well as a MIDI port to hook it up and use it as a controller on a digital interface or software. Some cheap models won’t have all these ports, so be smart and prioritize what you want and need.


Lastly, the fact that your piano is not an expensive piano doesn’t mean that there cannot be added worth in its value. Some digital keyboards and pianos, regardless of how cheap they are, come with cool extras and additional features like free covers, free online lessons, dedicated software, a stand, and more. If you want to get bargain deals on keyboard pianos, make sure to check the reviews available here.

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